Friends Of Elementary Arts, Inc.
Friends of Elementary Arts, Inc.


Updates on art and music in our communities!


Fan of the Arts Blog

There are many exciting creative things happening in our community everyday!

This blog will serve as an immediate link between us and our community as we relay announcements, stories, thoughts and events happening within arts and music education.

We love suggestions! If you'd like to see us highlight someone or something enhancing art and music education, please let us know!


We love Fundraising, yes we do! We love Fundraising–how about you?

We love the Amazing Give.

Hosted by the Community Foundation of North Central Florida and powered by the GiveGab Nonprofit Giving Platform, we have been a part of the Amazing Give for the past 3 years, each year more invaluable than the last.

And for the past 10 years that we have fundraised for elementary arts and music education, we learned an important lesson:

Fundraising is very hard. In fact, it can be tricky.

Typically, most people like their money. Honestly, we like ours too!

But we also like seeing our money go towards something that can cause real, effective change, a little more. And by the generous efforts you–our community–make every year, we are grateful FEA is surrounded by people who feel the same way.

So this year as you donate for Amazing Give, Friends of Elementary Arts would like to ask our visitors, promoters, and friends to share your thoughts and stories on why you are donating.

Perhaps you played an instrument that won you a scholarship?

Maybe the only thing getting you through long division was lunch–and then art class after lunch?

Was your music teacher the best educator you ever had?

We tirelessly say "we believe an arts education is a critical component of a total education, for all children," but now we'd like to hear why you all believe it too! Comment on our Facebook page, or send us your thoughts to

All month long, we will post snippets from responses we receive, and hopefully, keep the conversation going on why everyone should be a Fan of the Arts!

Amazing Give starts soon! #DoSomethingAmazing and head over to our personal page on March 20, 2019.

Tatyana Mann