Friends Of Elementary Arts, Inc.
Friends of Elementary Arts, Inc.


Updates on art and music in our communities!


Fan of the Arts Blog

There are many exciting creative things happening in our community everyday!

This blog will serve as an immediate link between us and our community as we relay announcements, stories, thoughts and events happening within arts and music education.

We love suggestions! If you'd like to see us highlight someone or something enhancing art and music education, please let us know!



We've been Framed… and have never looked better!

Below is a look at the frames up for silent auction at our Friday event! Check out our Facebook page and the blogs on our website for more looks at the pieces featured in this year’s fundraiser. The fun starts at 6p!

  1. Amy Talbot, "You Look Meowy Nice"

  2. Katie Jopling, “Florida Jungle” 

  3. Pamela Barry, “Foliage”

  4. Linda Henderson, “Full Moon”

  5. Adrienne Gonia, “Textured Gold”

  6. Annette Johnson, “Imagine”

  7. Becky Lancer, “Joie de Vie”

  8. Chris Brundige, “Stillness After the Rain”

  9. Kathie Wobie, “A Different Way to Enjoy Tea”

  10. Laura Showers, “Bird in a Nest”

  11. Mary Reid, “Reflection”

  12. Wanda J Burnette-Walker, “Solemn Willows”

Tatyana Mann