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There are many exciting creative things happening in our community everyday!

Each month, we'll highlight children, teachers, and supporters doing amazing things in art and music!

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Suzanne Seitz

We are so lucky to have such a strong art and music community here in Gainesville!

Each year we partner with a group of artist who donate their time and talents to produce the works we (silently) auction at our Musical Chairs fundraisers, and this year Ms. Suzanne Seitz donated not one, not two, but four pieces of mixed media art for our 10th Anniversary celebration.

Be sure to come to the GFAA Gallery THIS FRIDAY at 6p, to take one (or all) of her pieces home!

Piece Descriptions:

  1. “Your House Becomes Your Story" Mirror Frame

  2. "Guided Drift" Cigar Box (closed & opened)

  3. "Snug as a Bug" Tiny House #1

  4. "Sage and Aubergine" Tiny House #2

Tatyana Mann